St Martins activities


Monday         5.30 – 9.30pm Slimming World

Tuesday         1st Tuesday in the month – Home Group

4.30 – 6pm ‘Mash Up’ Derby Homes project

6 – 9pm Enthusiasm – Youth group

Wednesday    9.30am Prayer Meeting

4.30 – 6.30pm Enthusiasm – Dance group

7 – 10pm Drama Incorporated

Thursday        5.30pm Brownies & Girl Guides

Friday             10.30 – 11.30am Over 55’s Keep Fit




At St Martin’s we also welcome another worshipping community.


Minister: Rev Dorothy Guy.

Contact: 01332 690566

Sunday Worship:  2 – 5pm

1st and 3rd Fridays each month: 7 – 9pm

2nd Saturday each month: 9 – 11.30am

For details of other activities please ring Rev Guy at the number above

Workplace Chaplaincy

Workplace Chaplaincy

Rev Dr Moira Biggins has been appointed as the chair of Workplace Chaplaincy in Derbyshire (WCD). WCD is an ecumenical voluntary organisation which deploys lay and ordained volunteer Workplace Chaplains throughout the County of Derbyshire.

Moira is the successor as Chair to Rev Dr John Davies, former Dean of Derby Cathedral, who has left the city to take up a new appointment as the Dean of Wells Cathedral. Moira is the first woman Chair and the first Methodist Chair of WCD. She has been appointed for a three year renewable term and took up the post on May 1st 2017.

Although she is leaving the Circuit this summer, she is not leaving the county (she is going to the South Derbyshire Circuit), so was able to take up the role. She will also be continuing as one of the chaplains at East Midlands Airport.

For more information about WCD, see its website at

The Church on Oakwood news : July 2017

News from the Church on Oakwood : July 2017

We have had a really blessed last few months at The Church on Oakwood. Links with the local school have grown massively. ‘Open the Book’ continue to lead assemblies each Wednesday morning at two local schools; Becky, our new Family Worker, leads a lunchtime club for junior aged children every Monday. In the lead up to Easter, we were joined by children in Year 1 as they were invited into the Church to take part in Experience Easter. In June, Years 5&6 joined us for a morning called ‘It’s your Church’. This was a truly amazing morning of inter-generational working and the feedback from both the school and volunteers, who made the morning happen, was so positive and encouraging.

We are looking forward to a range of summer activities such as Holiday Club for children aged 5-11 years; Wednesday picnics and games on Oakwood Park for all ages; Saturday Family Film nights, to name a few! Also, Oakwood Gala – as a Church, we are pleased to be serving refreshments in the Community Centre and able to offer an Open-Air Service again with Woodlands Church for the local community, before the formal opening of the Gala.

In September, we are looking forward to welcoming our new minister, Rev’d Neil Draper and family into the Church and wish Rev’d Peter and Cathy Bates all the best as they move to their new Circuit.

Allestree News: July 2017

Allestree News: July 2017

Since the last e-letter we have had Mrs Sue Nickson (District President of MWIB) come to talk to the Friendly Circle. She spoke about her life and how she came to be President. A collection was made for “Chicks” which is her Charity during her presidency.

Bible Study and Friendly Circle continue to flourish.

Cameo has changed days and now meet on the Tuesday when there is no Friendly Circle or Bible Study.

Future events we have planned are:-

July 15th Summer Fair at 2.30 p.m. at the Church. There will be cakes, plants, books, cards and cream teas. Please come and join us.

Harvest Festival September 16th Bugs and Spuds.

Please pray for our congregation, many getting on in years but still giving their support in whatever way they can, some unable to come now but still supporting us in prayer.

Knitting Project News: July 2017

Knitting Project News: July 2017

Our knitted goods go mainly to Aquabox, which celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year, and which continues to send aid to countries worldwide, where there is no access to safe drinking water. Aquabox had been working fortnightly, instead of weekly, so reducing their output, in respect of demand. However, Aquaboxes have been sent to East Africa, where the drought is severe, often sending boxes just containing the much- needed water filters. In particular, aid has been sent to Field Hospitals in North Kenya, which provide aid and a safe haven for people fleeing from drought and famine. Aid continues to be sent to refugee camps in Syria, but as they become better organised, the demand for aid is decreasing. Peru has suffered recent severe floods, and aid has been sent to remote villages there, which have no clean water.

As a result of reduced output, Aquabox had been accepting only teddies and cot blankets, but Mary Neville , Knitting Group Organiser, Our Lady of Lourdes R.C. Church, Mickleover has agreed to take any jumpers our groups may have, to send to Eastern Europe. I have now been notified that Aquabox will be closing down in July, and possibly August, as their warehouse is fully stocked, and they are looking for more funding. They are asking that we divert our knitting activities to other causes at the moment, which might include knitting hats and scarves for charities for homeless people (e.g. Padley Centre, Hope Centre.) One of our groups is knitting small Christmas angels as goodwill gifts for their church and community this Christmas. This idea was successfully carried out by the Newcastle Methodist District in 2015, and they distributed 20,000 angels. If we took up this idea, it would not be on that scale, but if groups are interested, does anyone have a pattern for a small knitted angel?

One of our organisers at Chellaston, Glenda Cumpstone has decided to go into residential care, as a result of a recent fall. We shall be sorry to lose her support, but wish her a peaceful and happy retirement. On account of this, and because knitted goods will be going to different charities, regretfully, we can deal only with goods for Aquabox at Chellaston. If possible, please send goods for collection by Aquabox by Monday 26th June, as the courier will not be operating in July. Otherwise, please keep the goods until needed. If you would like to knit for other charities, please deliver the goods to the appropriate address – I can supply some contact details.

Many thanks for your help and support

Every blessing

Dorothy Robinson (Co-ordinator)

Chellaston Methodist receives Honour

Chellaston Methodist receives Honour

Sue Wilson, a steward at Chellaston Methodist Church was awarded a British Empire Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in June 2017. Sue says:

My BEM I understand will be engraved, ‘for services to Chellaston’. I started at Chellaston Methodist in 1963 attending Sunday School and then the Youth Club. Although I was a SS teacher and secretary during the 1970’s my involvement with various offices really started in 1990. I taught in the SS and became Superintendent for a number of years. I helped with and then led Holiday Club, latterly with our friends from St Peters for a week each summer and about 8 years ago I decided to extend it to include a session before Christmas. More recently I have been involved with safeguarding, became a Steward and organised Messy Church following my retirement.

The Lord Lieutenant also mentioned in his letter my contribution to the county of Derbyshire which includes my work as a magistrate. I was appointed in 1994 and am currently a chairperson in both the criminal and family court and sit in Derby one day a week.


News from Littleover Methodist Church: Feb 2017

News from Littleover Methodist Church: Feb 2017

Ministries Celebration – 12th February 2017

As part of our ten priorities for the year, Littleover Methodist Church recently hosted a celebration of the different ministries that take place in and around the church. The aim was to celebrate what we do, and allow the congregation to see the different ministries and activities showcased and so raise their awareness. Each group within the church made a board which set out what each group does and how it contributes to our overall vision of being people that live like Jesus, reaching out with God’s hope and love.

It was a wonderful time of worship and celebration, as we abandoned our traditional pattern of morning worship to do this. We realised through this process that there are over 50 different ministries either being run by the church or where people from the church serve. These ranged from children’s and young people’s groups, Messy Church, Sycamores (our outreach to mainly over 50’s), our minibus-to-church service and plenty of others. It really encouraged us and helped people to see where there were some spaces to get involved in the life of the church.