Duffield Methodist Church, King Street, Duffield, Belper, Derby. DE56 4EU

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Revd David Owen


For hiring of premises contact: methodisthallbookings@btinternet.com


Duffield Draft Proposed New Mission Statement: Please send any comments to the Minister or via the contact us page

 Mission statement:

Our mission is to be an inclusive church, welcoming people of faith and doubt, committed to an open-minded and rational understanding of the Scriptures, seeking to serve our community by revealing the God who is love as demonstrated in the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, in our worship, message, discussions, relationships, actions and activities.

The vision of our church is to be:

  • an inclusive and affirming Christian community welcoming, seeking to learn from, share our ideas with and serve all people in the name of Jesus Christ, irrespective of age, disability, ethnicity, economic power, gender, nationality or sexuality.
  • a place where an open-minded and reasoned study of the Scriptures is at the heart of our worship, which has a special focus well-prepared and inspiring preaching, that supports our faith, gives us encouragement through our doubts, and challenges us to live lives of unconditional love for others and for God.
  • of service primarily by providing opportunities in worship and study to enable people to better understand who they are, how we can relate in the best ways with each other, discern meaning and purpose for our lives, and seek opportunities to enrich our communities in practical as well as spiritual ways. We seek to support movements working for social justice and fair trade, opposing injustice, as well as addressing the issue of climate change.


The calling of the Duffield Methodist Church is to respond to the Gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission.

About us:

What are our aims?

  • We are an “Open Church”; a place of welcome for all, regardless of race or denomination, who wish to join us on this journey of faith.
  • We have experienced the accepting love of God in our own lives and we want to share that love with other people
  • As an Open Church, we try to follow Jesus who befriended people by accepting them rather than condemning them.
  • We work with those who seek to build a world of peace and justice for all.
  • Our Church is part of the Duffield Christian Council and co-operates with the four other Churches of the village to arrange various activities throughout the year.