Susanna Wesley House

Susanna Wesley House

Susanna Wesley House is new mission initiative which has been launched in Derby city centre.

Following the closure of the Methodist city centre church, Queen’s Hall, the Derby Circuit bought a house in Castleward, a developing new “urban village” in the heart of the city. This has been named Susanna Wesley House (SWH), will be  “a home of hospitality, prayer, table feast and group reflections that encourage the expression of faith and spirituality through the creative arts”.

Susanna Wesley was the mother of John and Charles Wesley. Find out why the house was named after her by clicking here.


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Will You Pray With Us?

Prayer is the essential foundation for the work of Susanna Wesley House and the City Centre Initiative. A prayer liturgy has been prepared for the project with the aim of building up to a regular daily commitment within the house which anyone can join. Prayers are currently from 12 noon to 12.30pm every Thursday. It is also held on other days, but not on a regular basis. If you would like to join in when you are in the area, please contact Angela.

The Liturgy which is currently being used can be viewed or downloaded here, SWH Mid-day Prayers .  You are invited to join with us in prayer by coming to Susanna  Wesley House at 12 noon  any Thursday or using this Liturgy, privately or as a group, at 12 noon any day or at any time convenient to you.

Would You Like To Help In This Initiative?

Following the opening of Susanna Wesley House we are moving into a new phase of the initiative where activities are building up. To support the work effectively, we are now looking for volunteers to help develop and manage the environment and the facilities of the house and help develop new projects.

In particular, we are looking for people with experience of and enthusiasm for

  • Safeguarding vulnerable people.
  • Managing Health and Safety.
  • Leading prayer and meditation.
  • Constructing and developing a spiritual garden.

If you are able to help with any of these or feel you would like to be involved in any other way, please contact Angela.


News from City Centre Mission & Ministry: Mar 2016

News from City Centre Mission & Ministry: Mar 2016

Thank you to all who have supported the handbags and ladies under wear appeal. We have been overwhelmed by your generosity.

We had a generous donation from District Methodist Women in Britain who have provided some leisure wear for the ladies to wear after showering. We have had Footwashing Church logo on the tracksuits and some ladies have been given them to sleep in in the nightshelter returning them for washing when they come to midday prayers on Thursday. Those of you who have asked ‘what ongoing support can I give’? This would be one way that does not involve your time. We hope to replenish our stock of leisurewear and so if anyone would like to make an individual anonymous donation we will be happy to replenish our stocks.

Susanna Wesley House’s prayer life and hospitality is widening in its small group work if you would like to know more please express your interest either through Angela at the Circuit Office or through Marianne Obong-Oshotse, our Safeguarding Officer.

Our garden project is in its embryonic state. We have an exciting partnership with a Landscape gardener at Alvaston Castle. The ‘quiet garden’ plan has been created with a Christian emphasis in the planting. Work will begin with the laying of slabs which will be done by Scouts who are working towards a relevant badge. If you would be happy to keep them supplied in home baking as they work please contact Angela at the Circuit Office.

Please pray for the ecumenical work of the city centre and the contribution that Susanna Wesley House is offering. That Footwashing Church will in the future have a more inclusive welcome to those in our traditional church congregations as well those who are unchurched or would consider themselves as dechurched.