The Hall.

This formed part of the original premises when built in 1904 and could be accessed directly from the Worship Area through large sliding glass doors thus enabling the Hall to be used as an overflow area to the Church on special occasions. Unfortunately in later years it became necessary to close these doors off by the construction of two storage cupboards on the Hall side. The Hall is 12 metres x 6.8 metres with a hard wood floor and is used by the Church and by a number of other groups.

The Annie Hingley Room

This is an extension to the Hall and built in 1959 to provide additional classroom accommodation. Until that time the Choir Vestry was used as a classroom for the Primary Department, with some classes having to use the Minister’s Vestry and the Choir Stalls in the Church. The room was designated after Miss Hingley “who made the maintenance of the fabric, and the adornment of the Church especially, one of the dominating interests of her life”. This room was lined and completely refurbished in Year 2009.

The Choir Vestry.

Is used as a meeting room for the Choir prior to morning services and is also available as a meeting room. This formed part of the original premises.


The Kitchen.

Formed part of the original premises and was most recently refurbished in 2007 to meet current catering standards. Whilst the kitchen is small it does provide oven, microwave, refrigerator, boiler and other facilities


Toilet Block

The original toilet block was built in 1968 but was completely refurbished in 2003 providing 3 unisex toilets, one with facilities for the disabled and for baby changing.